Wednesday, March 31, 2004 :: Multimedia Flash Themes for your Website

I'm going to have to revisit this site. These themes look really cool.
John and Kim Glisson

This is my new website...
Morrow Journal :: Thank you for visiting Morrow Journal

This is the guy who turned me onto PostNuke. He uses it for his website.
MySQL: The World's Most Popular Open Source Database

I stopped by here to download MySQL to use with PostNuke.

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

PHP: Downloads

Apparently I need to install php on my machine before I'll be able to run a php website locally. DUH!
PostNuke for the Absolute Beginner

I'm looking into using PostNuke to manage the content of my personal website. I downloaded the pn install but they are light on documentation!
Choose Your Edition

So we were shopping for VS.NET licensing that gave our team what we all need without breaking the bank. This page was handy in making the decision on which version of VS.NET to purchase.
The Code Project - Strategy to distribute secure database connection strings in an enterprise environment - .NET

This is a pretty cool solution for creating an encrypted repository in a server registry for database connection strings.

I haven't used it but my company could really benefit from having central control over connection strings.
Regular Expression Library -- presented by Training

This site can be a lifesaver when in a crunch for complex client-side validation.
this does not look good for homestar runner

Fun cartoon commentary on everyone's hero, Homestar Runner!